2008 Roundstone Yarra Valley Gamay

The Roundstone Winery in Victoria's picturesque Yarra Valley held special memories for many people.

Not only did Roundstone produce outstanding cool climate wines but the creativity and consistency of the French provincial/Mediterranean-inspired food served in the small rustic restaurant was always a pleasure to experience.
Nestled in the Dixon's Creek/Steels Creek sub-region, it had a glorious aspect overlooking vines, a lake and rolling green countryside to the north.

Tragically, the Roundstone Winery and many of its vines were destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires in February 2009. It was a great tragedy and a shock to many people who enjoyed the wine and food experience, the warm hospitality of its staff and the winery's peaceful surrounds.

However some vines did survive, one of which was the small Gamay plot. I have the pleasure to review the 2008 Roundstone Gamay in addition to paying tribute to this lost piece of the Yarra Valley in my first blog posting.

Gamay is a red grape variety that originates from Beaujolais in Southern Burgundy and is responsible for the light-bodied, high acid and low tannic Beaujolais wines. Gamay is a cross between the region's great red variety Pinot Noir and an ancient white variety Gouais Blanc. In Australia, the Gamay grape is grown in a variety of regions up and down the east coast with smaller plantings elsewhere. It produces versatile wines that go with a diverse range of foods.

Planted back in 1998, the Gamay variety at Roundstone was said to be well suited to the Yarra Valley environment. The 2008 produced a wine with a fruity bouquet of banana, raspberry and coconut with a medium-bodied black cherry, blackcurrant, slightly peppery palate. It was a really lovely, enjoyable wine that is drinking beautifully now.

It can be served at room temperature but there is a nicer dimension to it when slightly chilled especially during the warmer months of the year. 
If you do not have any Roundstone wines in your cellar, it would be nigh on impossible to find any available at retail outlets. 

Source: Winery Purchase. Rating: 89 Points.