2010 Torbreck Woodcutters Roussanne Viognier Marsanne

There are some decent Australian blends of these noble Rhone Valley varietal divas around but nothing as yet compares to the synergistic trifecta that Barossa Valley's Torbreck Woodcutters brings to the table. Better known for their unsurpassed stable of red wines and on the success of The Steading Blanc, the Torbreck Woodcutters is - you know I can't resist - a cut above the rest and a delicious revelation !

A 61/21/16 blend, it's mid straw to gold in colour. The nose offers up lifted floral fragrances, apricot and honeysuckle. The fusion draws on the strength of each component variety. The Roussanne does the hard lifting here with its textural backbone and weight while the Viognier provides the apricot and floral aromas and the Marsanne, palate richness and secondary aromas.   

The palate experience is quite remarkable. Rich and dry initially, flavours of honey, candied fruit, clotted cream, doughy less, cashews and notes of flint. The fruit flavours match the bouquet. It sits in the medium-bodied range, seamless and silky, but not flabby in texture.

A big flavoursome white wine. Slippery, poised and very drinkable. Feminine, masculine, seductive, beguiling, decadent, powerful yet elegant with a fresh length at the finish. Has developed alluring complexity with age but not a flamboyant in your face wine.

If there is an opportunity, do something I don't often say. Buy !  Highly Recommended. 

Source: Retail Purchase. ABV: 14.5%. Closure: Screwcap. Price: $21.50. Rating: 94 Points.

2011 Guildford Vineyard Viognier

I struggle with Viognier. I try to like it and it tries to like me back, it has two loyal friends it blends in well with and is a great companion by itself at meals but I just haven't found the one that pops my cork yet.

Located at the far northern part of the Macedon Ranges Wine Region towards Bendigo, the boutique Guildford winery has been around for about a decade and the Viognier grows well alongside the vineyard's more celebrated Shiraz vines.

This mid-weight Viognier is pale yellow in colour. Muted aromatics of apricot kernel, ripe pears and nutmeg spice. Notes of honey, apricots and marmalade on a zesty acidic backbone. Fine pear tannins. Competently made but the palate peaks midway leaving it a little short. 

Taken out for a second date night, it did open up somewhat but sad to report, remained ultimately unloved.

Source: Winery Purchase. ABV: 12.2%. Closure: Screwcap. 
Price: $22.00. Rating: 87+ Points.