2015 Yetti and the Kokonut Sercial

Sercial is a light-skinned Portuguese grape variety better known for its role in making some of the world's finest dry Madeira fortified wines. Minimal amounts of Sercial are grown in Australia, the grapes here coming from the Eden Valley. 

This wine is a product of winemaker friends Dave Geyer and Koen Janssens from the Geyer Wine Co. My guess is that Dave is the Yetti and Koen, the Kokonut on their quirky label but that's besides the point with this u
nfiltered, sustainably-produced wine.    

Mid-yellow gold colour with slight cloudiness from the skin contact. It's the archetypal orange wine.
Fresh pine needles, prune, honey, apple and almond-like aromas. Subtle, not overly perfumed.
On a light-bodied palate there are flavours of crisp yellow apples, apple cider and stewed prunes.
Dry, good acid and grippy tannins with a smooth and brine-like savouriness to the finish.    

Good wine, certainly left of centre and different from the usual suspects. 

Source: Retail. ABV: 11.6%. Closure: Cork. Price: $38.00. 
Rating: 90 Points. Website: http://geyerwines.com.au

2015 Cape Jaffa Wines Riptide Red Blend

An inspired, perhaps unique blend of 70% Viognier and 30% Shiraz that comes in a Riesling-type bottle. 
The juice of the Viognier is blended with the skins of Shiraz prior to fermentation to achieve a bright red wine with purple hues.

If you were blindfolded, you'd swear it was a white wine in the glass.

Apricot, blackberry, a little blueberry with scents of celery. Somewhat quirky but very interesting aromatics going on here.

Dry, light bodied with fine, soft tannins and a silky textured mouthfeel. Despite the dominance of the Viognier, the lesser amount of Shiraz gives the palate an elegant plush feel with its dark fruit and vanilla character. Lingering stone fruit flavours on the close. 

Another high bar set by the creative winemakers at Cape Jaffa Wines. Ground breaking, envelope-pushing, cutting edge, hip and chic. Give this one time in the fridge for maximum freshness and enjoyment. Recommended.  

Source: Sample courtesy of Cape Jaffa Wines. ABV: 14.5%. 
Closure: Screw Cap. Price: $29.00. Rating: 90+ Points. 
Website: https://www.capejaffawines.com.au

2015 Cape Jaffa Wines La Lune Field Blend

Cape Jaffa is a biodynamic vineyard and winery situated on the unique and isolated Mount Benson region of South Australia's Limestone Coast wine zone. One of the first of the wineries established in the region, it enjoys a moderate maritime climate and terra rossa soils that are ideal for viticulture. La Lune is Cape Jaffa's premium wine portfolio that it cultivates by the moon's cycles and what it says expresses a sense of place in the vineyard with its unique terroir. 

This wine captures a vineyard or three inside a bottle with no less than eleven varieties in this vinous concoction. Containing predominantly Chardonnay with portions of Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, the winery indicates that the percentage of these will vary according to what is ripe on the day and what will balance with the Chardonnay. The other varieties it adds are the pale juice of a few red varieties plus small portions from an experimental block.

At a time where Australian winemakers are doing weird and wonderful things with grapes, the old practice of the field blend is also steadily making its mark here. It's a good antidote to the boredom often experienced with single varietal wines and the 2015 La Lune is an engaging and compelling example. 
The straw yellow colour distracts from what you are about to experience in the glass.
At first a smoky malt scent then peach, apricot, orange, pineapple, lemon rind, citrus blossom, passionfruit and pear. Heavily perfumed and complex aromatics that are worth the price of admission ! 

A texturally powerful palate is packed with generous stone fruit flavours, slatey saline minerality and some herbal action. Through the mouth there is some grip, light crunchy tannins and acid zip to drive things along.  

Medium bodied with a soft unctuous mouthfeel. Mouthwatering drinkability to this wine.
The savoury, fresh tropical fruit finish lingers long after the final sip. 

Better sum for its parts. Creative, well made, cerebral yet fun to drink especially over summer. 
Easily go another bottle. Should bring additional appeal with a year or two in the cellar.

Source: Sample courtesy of Cape Jaffa Wines. ABV: 14.0%. Closure: Screw Cap. Price: $42.00. 
Rating: 93+ Points. Website: https://www.capejaffawines.com.au