2010 Bream Creek Vineyard Late Picked Schönburger

This is certainly an esoteric drop if there ever was one. Claimed by Bream Creek as the only stickie made from Schönburger in the world, it is nonetheless an elegant, botrytis-free example of a dessert wine. 

Pale yellow to green in colour. Intriguing aromatics include rose petal, fresh citrus, 
honeysuckle blossom and spicy mandarin peel. Subtle musk and honey notes as well. Medium dry wine and on the lighter side of medium-bodied. Smooth texture of candied or glazed fruits. Cumquat, lychee, grapefruit and apricot.

There is sufficient refreshing acidity to keep the wine balanced overall, which leads to a finish of sweet fruits and powdery phenolics. While deliciously sweet, the palate is not mawkish with the finish still fresh enough with citrus acidity to keep it from cloying. Not as luscious as I thought it would be and doesn't have that oomph factor. Good.  

Source: Retail Purchase. Alcohol: 9.5%. Closure: Screwcap (375ml). Price: $25.95. Rating: 89 Points.

2011 Bream Creek Vineyard Schönburger

A rare variety in Australian vineyards, Schönburger is a hybrid from Pinot Noir (its mum), Chasselas Rose and Black Muscat. Developed in the late 1970's in Germany, this pink-skinned variety with its naturally low acidity is now more at home in the vineyards of Southern England where the cold climate suits cultivation well. Other plantings occur in British Columbia and the north-west states of America.

The acclaimed Bream Creek Vineyard on Tasmania's picturesque east coast was planted in 1973 during the resurgence in the island's viticulture making it one of the state's oldest commercial vineyards. Another milestone followed as Viticulturist Fred Peacock introduced Schönburger to the cool maritime climate of Bream Creek in the 1990's making it the first commercial planting of the variety in the Southern Hemisphere. There are now other plantings on the island as interest has increased amongst growers.

Schönburger Grapes
There is a green hue to the pale straw yellow colour in the glass. 
Lifted lychee, rose petal florals, yeasty bread and musk aromas. Fresh and clean. A line of soft lime acid cuts through a medium-bodied, smoothly textured off-dry palate. Grapey, subtle spice and tropical fruit flavours as well. There is a little spritz and a light dusting of tannins. Good length with chalky phenolics at the tail end. Not as pungent as a Gewürztraminer to which it could be compared or even a Pinot Gris, but rather more delicate. Will complement a variety of Asian-type cuisines. A refreshing and enjoyable find. Recommended.

Source: Retail Purchase. Alcohol: 12.4%. Closure: Screwcap.     Price: $20.90. Rating: 91 Points.