The wines reviewed on the site are predominantly from personal purchases or samples provided courtesy of wineries/distributors with reviews expressed being my own independent ones. Occasionally, there are reviews from other sources that are noted. I am not paid by wineries or distributors to write product reviews. 

Descriptions and recommendations are based upon the quality, tastiness, value and that 'x' factor of the wine in the bottle and not upon any personal preference to a particular grape variety or price range. 

Samples are accepted and appreciated. Barring the fear of liver disease I can guarantee that the whole bottle will be reviewed in a timely manner, usually over a two day or night period ! Also, I guarantee media sample wines priority over wines that I have purchased myself. Wineries will be notified as soon as the reviews are posted on my blog site.

Please contact me at the following to give feedback or for further information and delivery address details:

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