2007 Narkoojee Sparkling Cabernet Merlot

The Cuvee Robert Fordham is named as a tribute to the inaugural Chairman at Narkoojee Wines and is a sparkling blend comprising 75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Merlot.

The boutique Narkoojee Winery is situated at Glengary in the Western Gippsland sub-region of the larger Gippsland Wine Zone. Enormous geographically yet relatively small as a wine producing area, the Gippsland Zone defies any classification but its vastness does encapsulate three quite separate and distinct sub-regions in terms of terroir: east, south and west.

The climate in the Western sub-region is generally cool and dry influenced by the snowfields of the Great Diving Range to its north and west. Warmer autumns encourage longer ripening periods. The production of rich Chardonnays, softer and lighter Pinot Noirs, Cabernet Merlot blends and the emergence of sparkling wines are the hallmarks of this largest of the Gippsland wine sub-regions.

Let's face it, sparkling reds have been a unique Australian style of wine for donkey's years, an important staple in our wining and dining lifestyle. Mainly produced in the past from the shiraz grape, there is nothing better to tingle the taste buds and enliven the senses than a chilled bottle! As an accompaniment to the Christmas turkey in our own unique weather at that festive time of year, it is an ideal choice.

Narkoojee, meaning "place of flowers" in the local indigenous Kurnai language has produced sparkling reds for a decade and according to winemaker Harry Friend, is dependent upon the varieties available at the time of vintage.

Fermented in the bottle according to the traditional Champagne method, this sparkling comes across deep purply red in colour. The bouquet has a lively freshness of lifted black fruits and hints of Christmas plum pudding that entice immediate consumption. On the palate lovely Merlot dark fruits once again predominate with that little bit of cinnamon spice to add interest, which is all held together within a balanced, zesty structure. Medium bodied compared to some other sparkling reds from warmer climates. A mouthfilling and refreshing finish to this elegant sparkling blend of mainstream grapes. 

Source: Winery Purchase. Rating: 90+ Points. 
Website: http://www.narkoojee.com/narkoojee/

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