2015 Cherubino Pemberton Laissez Faire Field Blend

Larry Cherubino's second vintage of this quaddie, a Pinot Grigio, Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Gris and Riesling field blend, the grapes of which were harvested at the same time with limited intervention in the subsequent winemaking process. 

Sauvignon Gris - a pink-berried mutation of Sauvignon Blanc - has mysterious origins in the Graves region of Bordeaux where it flirted with extinction thanks to phylloxera, somehow surviving only then to be used in blends ! Gratitude indeed. Seriously, it goes by an old local name, Fié or Fié Gris as well as Sauvignon Rosé. 
The variety's existence in Australia is unknown other than Larry Cherubino's Pemberton vineyard and finding good information on the variety here has been frustrating. It is different to its more illustrious relative in that it is less ferocious aromatically and less crisp but more round and textural in the mouth. 

Brancott Estate in New Zealand's Marlborough region has produced a varietal Sauvignon Gris since 2013 as have a few others wineries over the ditch. The variety has a long history in Chile with many producers making varietal wines from it than anywhere else. 

Sauvignon Gris Grapes

Visually, an attractive pale gold colour with delicate aromas of pear and nectarine underlined by hints of rose water, lime and talc.

A soft and gentle palate begins with poached pear, melon and rose water building to delicate stone fruit and herbal notes. 

Dry talc-like tannins supported by some crisp acid make this a well-balanced, very drinkable wine. 

Generous mouthfeel that gives way to a smooth and savoury fruit finish.

Nothing out of place here in this intriguing blend. Recommended for something different to be enjoyed over the warmer months.

Source: Sample. ABV: 12.9%. Closure: Screw Cap. Price: $25.00. Rating: 91 Points. 

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