Water Wheel Primitivo Ancellotta 2014

This is the first vintage of a unique blend in Australia from the Water Wheel winery at Bendigo with the Ancellotta component coming from the only plantings of the variety to date in the country. 

Ancellotta Is a dark-skinned grape whose homeland is the Italian province of Emilia-Romagna, in particular the Po Valley where it is used to bolster the colour and character in lightly-hued wines such as Lambrusco.

Primitivo is itself a dark-coloured Italian variety and adding 20% of the dark-skinned Ancellotta into the mix and you get some seriously glass-staining, teeth-tarnishing deep purple/black colours.

Primitivo is grown in many areas of southern Italy, but the best according to Water Wheel winemaker Peter Cumming, an expert on Italian varietals, come from Manduria in the Puglian province of Taranto. 

The 2014 vintage opens with lifted aromas of violets, ripe blackberries and black pepper.
From the off the palate is medium-bodied and rich but not too dense or concentrated with 
soft, sweet berry fruits, plum, dried leaves and sweet spice.
The fruit-driven palate is balanced by dark chocolate, sweet spices and.rustic fruit tannins. 
There is a flavoursome, warm and juicy mouthfeel that culminates in a succulent aftertaste. 

Drinkability is good, very Italianate in feel and as Peter Cumming says "that savoury balance 
of Italian wines comes equally from the fruit and the winemaking". I couldn't agree more here.
All up, a really interesting wine at a brilliant price. 

Source: Sample courtesy of Water Wheel Wines. ABV: 14.0%. Closure: Screw Cap. 
Price: $16.00. Rating: 90+ Points. Website: http://waterwheelwine.com

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