Pfeiffer Seriously Pink Apera 2010

Seriously Pink could be described generally as an aperitif style fortified rosé. In specific terms however it is an apera, the name previously given to sherry-inspired wines. Since September 2011, Australian producers have been prohibited from using the term sherry due to European Commission and Australian regulations. 

This apera is a blend of Touriga, Tinta Rotiz (aka Tempranillo), Shiraz and Gewürztraminer (!) with a dose of brandy spirit added to oomph things up during fermentation. Despite the heat, it's well balanced. 

No prizes in guessing that the colour is somewhat on the electric pink side. Lifted fragrant aromas of fresh strawberries, roses and spices that invite you in. The palate is clean and refreshing with flavours of glac
ée cherries, florals, musk sticks and confectionery. Finish and aftertaste are refreshing and more-ish. Enjoy over ice as an aperitif. 

Lots of charisma and interest. Recommended.

Source: Sample courtesy of Pfeiffer Wines. ABV: 16.0%. Closure: Screw Cap. Price: $19.50. 
Rating: 90 Points. Website:

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